Pourquoi le Gear 5 de Luffy est-il aussi puissant ?

Why is Luffy's Gear 5 so powerful?

Eiichiro Oda , the brilliant creator of One Piece , has lifted the veil on the mystery surrounding Luffy 's Gear 5 . In a stunning reveal, fans have learned that this Gear 5 is much more than they imagined. When we wondered about Luffy 's perpetual smile in this form, the original sketches of Road to Laugh Tale #4 gave us a first clue.

The Gear 5 , always a subject of debate among fans, is one of the most discussed elements of the One Piece universe. If we thought that Luffy 's powers would continue to grow, this form took everyone by surprise. Fans are torn apart over its supposed power, its necessity, and even its origin, resulting from a twist worthy of the greatest moments in manga history.

From the beginning, Luffy had ingested the Human Fruit, model Nik a, propelling him to the rank of Mythical Zoan , an evolved version of the fruit consumed by Chopper. This change transformed the vision of the protagonist, transforming him into a liberating warrior, bearer of the most extravagant powers in the world. However, Oda was able to keep the childish nature of Luffy's fights intact, maintaining a certain lightness even in the most serious moments.

The reveal of Gear 5 brought a unique characteristic to Luffy : in this form, he laughs constantly, and his laughter seems to grant him superhuman strength. According to Oda's sketches, this smile is even the source of his power, thus strengthening his bond with readers. This new dynamic opens up interesting perspectives, suggesting scenes where Luffy will collect laughter to increase his strength tenfold, a concept reminiscent of the Genkidama from Dragon Ball Z.

The Gear 5 embodies the ultimate freedom for Luffy , as highlighted by his famous line: "I can do whatever I want!". This quest for freedom, dear to Oda himself, is essential for the author in the construction of the saga. However, this form also acts as a necessary brake for the character. Oda revealed that writing Luffy became boring at times, and he had to take steps to maintain balance in the narrative.

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