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Manga: Dragon Ball Z

Character: Vegeta

Size: 36cm

Figure: Exceptional quality

Design: True to the manga

Immerse yourself in the world of Dragon Ball with this breathtaking figurine featuring Vegeta on Name k in Super Saiyan 1 . In this iconic pose, Vegeta embodies power and determination as he fights to protect his planet and avenge his people. His aura glows with a golden glow, testifying to his transformation into a Super Saiyan , and his muscles are tense, ready for action. With his determined look and dynamic posture, Vegeta is ready to face any challenge that comes his way.

This figure is a tribute to one of Dragon Ball's most memorable moments, where Vegeta first achieved Super Saiyan status. His intense expression and imposing pose perfectly capture the essence of this historic moment in the series. Every detail of the figure is carefully sculpted to reflect Vegeta's strength and power, from the bulging muscles to the determined expression on his face.

Whether you're a long-time Dragon Ball fan or a figure collector, this piece is a must-have addition to your collection. With its exceptional quality and attention to detail

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