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Dragon Ball Z COLLECTOR'S EDITION figurine

Dragon Ball Z COLLECTOR'S EDITION figurine

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Manga: Dragon Ball Z

Character: San Goku & Vegeta & Buu & Broly & Cell

Size: 40cm

Figure: Unique Quality

Design: True to the manga

Dive into the heart of the action with this epic manga figurine featuring the legendary warriors Goku , Vegeta , Buu , Broly and Cell . Brought together in a dynamic pose, these iconic fighters from the Dragon Ball universe are ready to do battle for the survival of the universe.

Goku and Vegeta , the mighty Saiyans , emit an aura of determination as they prepare to face their formidable opponents. Their confident posture demonstrates their determination to protect the world against any threat. Beside them, Buu , the evil entity with terrifying powers, stands with a sinister expression, ready to wreak havoc. Broly , the legendary Saiyan warrior , radiates impressive raw strength, ready to do battle with his rivals. Finally, Cell , the ultimate bio-android, calmly observes the scene, planning his next moves with relentless precision.

Every detail of this figure is carefully sculpted to capture the power and intensity of these legendary fighters. From tense muscles to detailed expressions, each character is depicted with remarkable fidelity, demonstrating their power and unwavering determination.

Whether you're an avid Dragon Ball fan or an art collector, this manga figure is a true masterpiece to add to your collection. With its exceptional quality and striking design, it is sure to become the focal point of your collection, recalling the epic moments and legendary battles of the Dragon Ball universe.

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