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Duo Goku VS Frieza Figure

Duo Goku VS Frieza Figure

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Manga: Dragon Ball Z

Character: San Goku & Frieza

Size: 21cm

Figure: Good quality

Design: True to the manga

Immerse yourself in one of Dragon Ball's most iconic battles with this figurine featuring Goku in Super Saiyan 1 facing the formidable galactic tyrant, Frieza . Capturing the pivotal moment when Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan to save his friends and protect the Earth, this figure conveys palpable energy and unparalleled intensity. Goku, haloed in a flaming golden aura, emanates fierce determination as he stands in front of Frieza , ready to do battle. For his part, Frieza, with his merciless gaze and defiant expression, represents an imminent threat to Goku and his companions. The figure's minute details, from Goku 's tense muscles to Frieza 's menacing stance, capture the very essence of this iconic moment in the series. A must-have collector's item for any Dragon Ball fan, this figurine perfectly embodies the spirit of bravery and determination that animated Goku during his legendary clash against Frieza on Namek .

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