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Duo Goku VS Broly Figure

Duo Goku VS Broly Figure

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Manga: Dragon Ball Z

Character: San Goku & Broly

Size: 28cm

Figure: Exceptional quality

Design: True to the manga

This legendary scene features an epic duel between two titans: Broly, the legendary Saiyan, and Goku, the ultimate hero. Depicting a titanic showdown, this striking figure captures the intensity of combat in incredible detail. Broly, imposing and powerful, exudes a menacing aura as he prepares to launch a devastating attack. On the other side, Goku, determined and focused, stands ready to face his formidable opponent. The facial expressions and dynamic poses of the two fighters reflect the intensity of their clash. With meticulous attention to detail, this figure is a true masterpiece that will delight Dragon Ball fans by capturing one of the series' most memorable moments.

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