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Figure of Kakashi Hatake HOKAGE EDITION - Naruto™

Figure of Kakashi Hatake HOKAGE EDITION - Naruto™

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Manga: Naruto

Character: Kakashi Hatake

Size: 26.5cm

Figure: Exceptional Quality

Design: True to the manga

Kakashi Hatake , the legendary copycat ninja and former student of the 4th Hokage , is beautifully depicted in this figure. With meticulous attention to detail and an iconic pose, this figure perfectly captures the authority and wisdom of the Sixth Hokage . His distinctive Hokage attire , with the characteristic hat and coat adorned with the symbol of the village of Konoha, testifies to his rise to the top of the ninja hierarchy. Fans of the series will appreciate the quality of this figurine which pays homage to one of Naruto 's most iconic characters .
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