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Uchiha Sasuke COLLECTOR'S EDITION figurine - Naruto™

Uchiha Sasuke COLLECTOR'S EDITION figurine - Naruto™

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Manga: Naruto

Character: Uchiha Sasuke

Size: 40cm

Figure: Unique Quality

Design: True to the manga

Sasuke Uchiha , the heir of the powerful Uchiha clan, is represented in this figurine with exceptional mastery. In an imposing stance, he summons the fearsome Susano , a manifestation of his devastating power. The painstaking details of his sleek armor and gleaming Sharingan bear witness to his relentless determination to achieve his goals. Fans of the series will be captivated by the quality of this figurine which pays homage to one of Naruto 's most iconic shinobis .

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